Wood Stoves Books

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Revised in 2004 and now even better in its third edition. You can stay warm without going broke, and as an added benefit, you can weather a mid-winter power outage in style.

Today's environmental concerns have led to a new generation of high-tech stoves, designed to burn cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.

Filled with tips on buying, setting up, cleaning, and enjoying a woodstove with breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes from Cooper's eclectic collection.

Careful procedural instruction, safety and efficiency strategies, and always their humorous anecdotes and tales of tree adventure.

How to retrofit existing heating systems and choose renewable replacements, or design an entirely new house that can be heated comfortably with minimal environmental and financial impact.

Techniques for building homes that heat and cool themselves, using readily available materials and methods familiar to all building contractors and many do-it-yourself homeowners.

Click Here For Complete List of Wood Stove Books