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This colorful celebration of the many possibilities of the humble garage features dozens of color illustrations and over 200 color photos.

In addition to being a car closet, the modern garage can also serve as a home workshop, a garden shed, an artist's studio, a sports center, a hobby shop, or enclosed patio.

Dream Garages takes the reader into over 20 of these havens for the motor mad. Some are beautifully conceived automotive shrines, some are grease monkey heavens.

Details on store-bought and homemade storage solutions, plus recommendations on flooring, heating, and lighting, give you all the information you need.

Garage Solutions provides homeowners with all the information they need to maximize the space with projects for cleaning up the walls and floors, building a shed and workbench.

The guide shows what needs to be done and how to do it, the more demanding jobs receive extremely detailed descriptions that explain what the work entails and what it typically costs.

The kit features four plastic panels, or two metal panels, and a variety of "snap" in accessories such as a tool cassette, hooks and shelves.

Click Here For Complete List of Garage Books