Flooring Books

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The Complete Guide to Flooring, consumers now have the only truly comprehensive flooring book available. It contains information on all types of flooring surfaces.

You will learn how to estimate materials, select the right kind of wood, prepare the subfloor and achieve a blemish free finish for an old or new floor.

This book is a comprehensive guide to both the materials available, and the hundreds of decorating effects that can be achieved by choosing the right materials, colors and patterns.

An inspiring guide to floor coverings featuring over 600 photographs, completes the series, approaching the selection of flooring for the home and workplace.

The book features modern flooring materials and easy to follow techniques that will produce significant improvements with a minimal investment of time and money.

Includes loads of color photos to show off the many exciting tile and flooring design options available, plus valuable tips on upkeep, repairs, stain removal, and new products.

Click Here For Complete List of Flooring Books