Tile Setting Books

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Simplified Floor Tile Installation

If you're looking for an incredible book, with simple step by step instructions and instructional video's, You have got to check this book out. Another Great Book, By Greg Vanden Berge.

This book and new, readily available materials, you can design and install your own tile floors, walls, countertops and shower stalls. All the up to date information you need is right here.

Contains over 300 black and white photos and line drawings and 6 four-page color inserts. Eight appendices and a full index are included.

The authors begin with a thoughtful introduction and move to tile styles and shapes, tools, preparation and installation, plus grouting, sealing and caulking.

Readers will then find easy to follow instructions for installing floors, tub surrounds, walls, and counter tops. Bridge takes readers step by step through the entire process.

Fresh decorative tile, creating wall art with mosaic tiles, designing with large or three dimensional tiles, using tile to add an artistic element to any room, and working with specialty tile.

For interior designers, homeowners, and apartment dwellers, this book is an essential guide to using tile and stone to decorate. It will surely inspire.

Making this a definitive guide for homeowners and professionals. The lie-flat concealed makes it easy to use whether on the job, at the design table or just relaxing in an easy chair.

Click Here For Complete List of Tile Setting Books