Walkways Books

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A close up look at the wide variety of materials--including brick, concrete pavers, and stone to construct patios and walkways. In addition to the photos, sidebars and illustrations.

An inviting path that meanders through a garden, steps that connect terraced outdoor "living rooms," and a footbridge that spans a small stream each serves a utilitarian purpose.

This book introduces a variety of options to help people design and create walkways that suit their lawns and gardens. Photos and illustrations inspire action and assure success.

The projects illustrated in Patios and Walkways, from rustic stone paths to handsome new patios, can be completed within 1–3 days and are explained step-by-step.

Learn the technical terminology for hardscaping and speak your contractors language. Pick a plan that fits your budget and style. Create containers and border areas.

More than 200 photographs highlight artistry in concrete and inspire craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers to create rich textures and colorful murals on porches, driveways and more.

Homeowners, landscape architects, and builders should not be without this important resource, which inspires with hundreds of ideas for patios, pool skirts, and driveways.

Click Here For Complete List of Walkway Books