Handyman Books

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This book is full of fixer upper opportunities and is enhanced with more than 3000 photos and illustrations. The first chapters cover hand and power tools. Great book for any handyman.

An amazing new shirt pocket reference designed specifically for handymen, maintenance people, engineers, scientists, industrial workers, contractors, and builders.

How will you set your rates and how quickly will you be up and running? Are there licensing requirements? What type of work will you be doing and do you have the skills required?

Make a living as a handyman or handy woman, turn your practical skills into a business and be your own boss. Start making money today as a handyman.

When do it yourself questions pop up, turn to the experts for on-target, time-saving solutions. From the "Ask the Family Handyman" column, here are over 1,000 answers to real questions millions of homeowners face.

What's causing the heating system to smell bad or the foundation to crack? Do I need an air filtration system? Is the new "engineered lumber" as good as conventional wood?

This friendly book covers everything from plumbing to painting, with handy calendars to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, including the cracks!

Click Here For Complete List of Handyman Books