House Renovation Books

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Whether you already live in, or are contemplating buying, an older home. Over 450 color photos and drawings are featured in this great book.

Excellent drawings and photos show you just the information you need, and the book is liberally sprinkled with pro tips and insights that will save you time, money and heartache.

This book also features radical before and after photos of beautifully transformed homes and provides a handy blueprint for design decisions.

Special condensed but important pieces of information. An extensive Resource Guide in the back of the book offers information regarding related manufacturers and associations.

Packed with photos, both before and after shots, and architectural drawings, new rooms fourfold houses is a fascinating tour through the golden age of architecture.

An indispensable guide to navigating the renovation process and keeping costs, time, and headaches involved to a minimum. Modeled after Irwin's bestselling Home Buyer's Checklist.

Structural Renovation of Buildings, by Alexander Newman, puts a single, convenient source of information about all aspects of structural renovation.

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