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This first ever compilation by Fine Homebuilding on the popular subject provides builders with ideas for choosing the correct finishes for home exteriors, plus solid how-to information.

The complete siding handbook has no description for it and therefore I can't tell you about the book, unless I purchased it or find it somewhere else. You're on your own here.

This book provides all the information homeowners need in order to maintain, repair, and install all types of roofing, siding, and trim. You will find this to be an indispensable source.

From asphalt shingles to vinyl siding, this book gives you the knowledge you need to install, repair, and maintain your home's roofing and siding. With lists and professional tips.

From the most basic solutions to advanced, energy saving projects, no book covers home insulation and weatherization like this one. With 35 drawings and 350 color photos.

Increase the beauty of the home and neighborhood, increase curb appeal and add value to the property while creating pride of ownership for the homeowner.

The book covers such topics as welcoming entries, including porches and doors, driveways and garages, landscaping, night appeal and much more.

Click Here For Complete List of Siding Books